6.17.10 (578)
Shabbat is a special time at Camp Ramah when everyone can take a step back from the busy schedule and have time for reflection and relaxation. At camp, Shabbat starts a little early as everyone gathers on the Kikar before lunch on Friday for Kikar Dancing. Some of the songs have been around forever, while others are brand new for this summer, and it is so much fun to watch as veteran Ramahniks help the newer campers and staff learn the dances. It is a joyful time as the Shabbat mood begins to settle over camp.

In the evening, everyone in camp gathers by the lake for Kabbalat Shabbat. It is a memorable experience, and there's nothing like welcoming Shabbat as the sun sets over beautiful Lake Buckatabon.

Tessa (Shoafim): The best thing I love about Shabbat is connecting and bonding with everyone–not just people in my cabin, but people in my whole eidah. I also love looking at the beautiful nature and connecting with my inner Jewish soul.

Dina (Shoafim): My favorite thing about Shabbat is hanging out with my friends and having lots of free time.

Austin (Machon): What I like most about Shabbat is probably the sunset by the water while we pray with friends and relatives of all sorts.

Sadie (Solelim): My favorite thing about Shabbat is everyone getting all dressed up.

Rebecca (Solelim): My favorite thing about Shabbat is the services by the lake.

Amanda (Solelim): I like the services by the lake and having lots of time to rest.

Alyssa (Solelim): My favorite part of Shabbat is Kikar Dancing.

Jacob (Machon): I love all the free time on Shabbat.

Hillel (Bogrim): I love spending time with friends on Shabbat.

Olivia (Machon):  I love sitting around and chillin' on Shabbat.

Mark (Machon):  I love to dance.