8-Week Experience

Shoafim spend the summer honing skills, furthering interests, deepening connections and continuing to master the fine art of having a ridiculous amount of fun.

In this special summer of their Bar and Bat Mitzvah year, they explore their connections to their camp and home communities, take on new responsibilities, and leave camp more mature and self-confident.

Shoafim campers also perform their own musical, and it’s usually the first musical of the summer! Throughout the summer, Shoafim campers organize tzedakah projects and get the whole camp involved in the spirit of giving back in so many creative ways.

2024 Dates & Rate

June 17 - August 8$10,500 + transportation fee

Rates do not include transportation fees.

For 75 summers the hallmark of Camp Ramah in Wisconsin has been an 8-week session. This full season experience continues to provide unparalleled opportunities for individual growth, group bonding, and identity formation. For campers who are unable to attend the full season session at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin for school or other factors, they will be eligible for a prorated tuition discount of $500 per week missed.

Fully Ramah Discount

Campers who attend Camp Ramah in Wisconsin for the full summer season will be eligible:

  • $1,500 off first full-season summer
  • $500 off second full-season summer

Sample Shoafim Schedule

7:30 amKima (Wake-Up)
8:00 amTefillot (Prayers)
8:45 amAruchat Boker (Breakfast)
9:15 amNikayon (Cabin Cleaning)
10:00 amChug (Elective)
10:50 amTarbut Yisrael (Israel Activity)
11:45 amSnack
12:00 pmPlay Practice
12:50 pmYahadut (Jewish Studies)
1:30 pmAruchat Tzharayim (Lunch)
2:00 pmSha’at Menucha (Rest Hour)
3:00 pmChug (Elective)
4:00 pmAgam (Lake)
5:00 pmPeulat Tzrif (Cabin Activity)
6:00 pmFree Time
7:00 pmAruchat Erev (Dinner)
8:00 pmPeulat Erev (Evening Activity)

Summer 2024