Health & Wellness

Your child’s well-being

is our most important consideration.

Our modern infirmary is staffed by physicians and nurses who live on-site and are always available at a moment’s notice.

They are board-certified, practicing physicians and licensed nurses who love working with our campers. Our staff responds to any identified medical issues, provides professional care and communicates promptly with parents and guardians as necessary.

While our medical care team is able to provide wide-ranging medical services in our infirmary, campers do occasionally need outside support such as x-rays or specialist consultation. In these cases, we are only 20 minutes away from the Eagle River Hospital Emergency Room in Eagle River, Wisconsin. We also have established and trusted relationships with an extensive network of medical specialists in the area.

What we put into our bodies plays a big part in our physical well-being. Visit our food and nutrition page to learn about the healthy meal options we offer our community.

Mental and emotional health and wellness is just as important as physical health. Check out our Camper Support Services to learn how we support the mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health (MESSH) of our campers and staff members.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a study in October 2021 finding that camp during COVID-19 can be safe. Its proof: Camp Ramah!  We’re very grateful to our Medical Director Dr. Mark Drexler for spearheading the collection of data included in this report and so grateful to camp families and staff members for their meaningful partnership in creating a safe and fun 2021 experience for our campers.  The joy our campers shared in spending a complete summer at camp amid COVID-19 will surely last a lifetime!

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