Events & Reunions

Reunions are back!

For the first time since 2019 we are excited to welcome visitors to camp! This summer and next we will be catching up on eidah reunions, and look forward to hosting many alumni in 2022!

Reunions are for anyone who was in the eidah at any point – i.e., if you were only in camp for one summer in Machon 1995, you are invited to the Nivonim 1996 reunion.

Registration is now open for all our summer 2022 reunions!

Questions? Email for additional info.

July 28-31

Nivo 1995

27 years!
July 28-31

Nivo 1996

26 years!
August 4-7

Nivo 1970

52 years!
August 4-7

Nivo 1971

51 years!

Future Reunions

Stay tuned! We hope to host the following eidah reunions in 2023:
Nivo 1972
Nivo 1973
Nivo 1997
Nivo 2002
Nivo 2003
Nivo 2010

Want to reunite with your