Camper Care and Special Needs

Camp Ramah in Wisconsin is dedicated to supporting a diverse array of needs for our campers, families, and staff. We recognize the importance of Mental, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual Health (MESSH) of individuals in our community and are committed to creating a thoughtful, intentional, inclusive, diverse and supportive environment. Our goal is to encourage and facilitate an environment where campers, families and staff can focus appropriate attention on the ever-growing mental, emotional, social and spiritual health needs of today's world, where thoughtful and intentional support in these areas can lead our community to flourish and thrive.


For campers who need extra support, we offer the Shiluv program, a new opportunity that grew from our former Tikvah program for campers with special needs.


We also offer the Atzmayim Vocational Program for high school graduates. Participants in the Atzmayim program have the opportunity to work at a job in town and learn independent living skills with the support of our staff and job coaches.

Summer 2024