Ramah Leadership Initiative

Camp Ramah in Wisconsin has launched a new leadership initiative to expand engagement with Ramah alumni in their mid-20’s and 30’s.


The goal in launching this effort is to identify future camp volunteer leadership, strengthen the culture of “giving back” to camp and establish more alumni ambassadors for camp. RLI will consist of quarterly cohort meetings, 90 minutes in length, at various venues, each hosted by Ramah Wisconsin alumni at their place of business.  Each cohort will last two calendar years (8 total cohort meetings).

Leadership presentation.

The Ramah Leadership Initiative is an opportunity for participants to:

  • deepen their relationship with Ramah
  • learn more about the inner-workings of camp
  • learn from Ramah Wisconsin alumni across many industry types
  • engage in community leadership
  • expand professional/business networks
  • develop skill sets that benefit them in their work and as lay leaders in the community


Ramah is committed to investing resources to make the program a success.  RLI Cohort members will make the commitment to attend the cohort meetings and attempt to raise $1,800 annually within the framework of the December Alumni Impact Campaign and other related fundraising efforts over the course of the year.  Camp Ramah will offer training and guidance to accomplish this objective.

Leadership committee meeting.

Interested in developing your professional contacts and business networks?  Looking for a way to give back to camp and build experience serving on a community board?  Were you in Nivo 2001-2011? 

Camp Ramah in Wisconsin is launching RLI Cohort II in Chicago in 2021, and Cohort III in New York shortly thereafter.  RLI is a new leadership initiative to expand engagement with Ramah alumni in their mid-20’s and 30’s. 

If you are interested in serving as a member of a future cohort, or know someone who might, please contact Sam Caplan, 312-690-8332 or scaplan@ramahwisconsin.com. You can also fill out the form below:

RLI Cohort II Application

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  • Laura Elkayam

  • Avram Fraint

  • Jeremy Frankenthal

  • Jackie (Wolff) Friedman

  • Lauren (Vandersluis) Kaplan

  • Debbie (Kaplan) Mnookin

  • Bruce Ratain

  • Tracey Rubinoff

  • Adam Seidenberg

  • Dani (Wolf) Weiss

  • Daniel Weiss

  • Jonathan Zimbler

Ramah Wisconsin Alumni