2024 Calendar

February 9-10
February 24

Family Movie Night!

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June 17First Day of Camp!
(Ruach Ramah A, First Session, Full Session)
June 23End of Ruach Ramah A (1-Week)
June 30End of Ruach Ramah A (2-Weeks) and First Session (2-Weeks)
June 30Open Camp Day
July 11End of First Session (Kochavim, Garinim and Halutzim)
July 14-15Full Season Visitors Days
July 15Start of Second Session (Kochavim, Garinim and Halutzim)
July 28End of Second Session (2-Weeks)
July 28Open Camp Day
July 29Ruach Ramah B Begins
August 4End of Ruach Ramah B (1-Week)
August 8Last Day of Camp
August 9-11Alumni Camp
August 14-18Family Camp

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