8-Week Experience

Solelim campers choose a specialty workshop – like woodworking, boating, art, music or basketball – and dive deep.

Friendships also deepen through athletic competitions with other eidot (divisions), Shabbat celebrations, and of course performing their own Broadway musical for the entire camp. It’s a full summer in every sense.

Spending the full eight weeks at camp gives Solelim campers so many opportunities to fully experience the fun of camp. With camp-wide events such as the Zimriyah music festival and Rikudiyah dance festival, not to mention Yom Sport! Campers have more time in their activities to truly specialize, rather than just getting a taste of the fun.

2023 Dates & Rate

June 14 - August 9$8,100 + transportation fee*

*Includes Full Season Incentive. For 75 summers the hallmark of Camp Ramah in Wisconsin has been an 8-week session. This full season experience continues to provide unparalleled opportunities for individual growth, group bonding, and identity formation. The Full Season Incentive recognizes the significant financial commitment that a full 8-week tuition requires. The Full Season Incentive creates a tiered tuition model, by which the first three eight-week summers are discounted through the generous donations of supporters of the camp: 7th grade (Solelim) is discounted $1,500; 8th grade (Shoafim), $1,000; and 9th grade (Bogrim), $500. We remain committed to working with families on how all campers can partake in the Ramah experience, and encourage such families who seek additional flexibility in session length to reach out to our team at

Sample Solelim Schedule

7:30 amKima (Wake-Up)
8:00 amAruchat Boker (Breakfast)
8:45 amTefillot (Prayers)
9:15 amNikayon (Cabin Cleaning)
10:00 amChug (Elective)
10:50 amChug (Elective)
11:45 amSnack
12:00 pmPlay Practice (Solelim)
12:50 pmPeulat Tzrif (Cabin Activity)
1:30 pmAruchat Tzharayim (Lunch)
2:00 pmSha’at Menucha (Rest Hour)
3:00 pmChug (Elective)
4:00 pmSchiya (Swimming)
5:00 pmHinuch - Tarbut Yisrael/Yahadut (Israel Activity/Jewish Studies)
6:00 pmFree Time
7:00 pmAruchat Erev (Dinner)
8:00 pmPeulat Erev (Evening Activity)
9:00 pmLaila Tov (Goodnight)

Summer 2023