Camp Life


campy family.

The cabin plays an essential role in every camper’s experience. We do our best to accommodate requests to pair friends from previous summers. But whether they’re already friends, or they meet for the first time on the day they arrive at camp, bunkmates invariably form a tight knit unit. They eat together in the dining hall. They clean up the cabin together. They get silly together. And, though they may be having too much fun to realize it, along the way they learn valuable lessons in teamwork and compromise while forging lifelong friendships.

Handling every camper with the utmost care.

We take enormous pride in the high caliber of our staff. They are the best, period. We take equal pride in our small camper-to-staff ratio. That means that whatever a camper might need—whether it be physical, social or emotional—a knowledgeable, well-trained and compassionate staff member is never far away. And always happy to help.

We’re one big, campy family.

While campers spend the most time with their bunkmates, they also spend a substantial amount of time each day participating in eidah (age group) activities like swimming, sports, drama and art. It’s an opportunity for campers to broaden their connections beyond their bunkmates. And they can broaden those connections further still during camp wide activities like the Rikudiyah dance festival and Yom Sport. On those occasions, campers of all ages come together to play, to sing, to celebrate, to strengthen their bonds to the extended Ramah family. And the feeling of mishpacha, family, is unmistakable.

Summer 2024