Our Activities

Every day is an opportunity

to do something amazing. Or several somethings.

It’s amazing what happens

when kids are busy having fun.

They build self-esteem. They connect to nature. They become better teammates and more well-rounded people. Our activities helps our campers do all those things. From hitting the cut off to hitting the high note. From the woodshop to the treetops. From morning until night. There’s always something new to try, or to try to improve upon. And there is truly never a dull moment.

Campers in life vests having fun on the lake.

Our ever-expanding

pursuit of fun.

We’re always looking for ways to expand the activities we offer. When we do so, the first question we ask is: Are they exceptionally fun? Our most recent additions—including tubing, trail biking, and a Ninja Warrior obstacle course —answer that question with an emphatic “wahoooo!”

Camper up to bat in a softball game.

Game on.

From softball to tennis, from archery to ultimate Frisbee, there are endless opportunities for campers to get their bodies moving and their competitive juices flowing. And whatever their experience or skill level, we make sure to keep the fun at the highest level.

Campers in life vests on a stand up paddle board.

Lake Life Rules.

A huge part of life here happens in, on or near the water. Campers can improve their swimming and try everything from stand-up paddleboards to water basketball to kayaking and the Aqua Glide challenge. We don’t just dive into aquatics. We do a backflip off the water trampoline into them.

Campers cooking together.

Putting the fun

in fine arts.

Kids need outlets for creative expression. They’ll find them here in abundance, from visual arts like pottery and jewelry making, to performing arts like music and dance, and cooking in our teaching kitchen. Plus, every summer we bring a little taste of Broadway to Lake Buckatabon with our eidah (division) musicals. When it comes to our fine arts programming, fun takes center stage.

Camper having fun on the zip line.

Embracing our

inner outdoorsiness.

The time that kids spend with us is a rare and precious opportunity to unplug from city life, disconnect from devices, and reconnect with the great outdoors. Every day is filled with natural beauty – lofty pines, gorgeous sunsets and maybe even the northern lights. From the ropes course to canoe trips and s’mores under the stars, we get our campers out into—and learning about—nature as much as possible.

Campers performing on stage.


all campers.

There’s nothing quite like the energy we when feel the whole camp comes together. It happens on Friday nights at Shabbat services as the sun sets over the lake. It happens at the Zimriyah music festival, the Rikudiyah dance festival, the Yom Sport color war competition and at the eidah (age division) musicals. We’re always one big, happy family. But never more so than during our camp-wide events.

Summer 2024