20120219_181923Camp Ramah in Wisconsin continues to train excellent song leaders who raise excitement for Jewish music at camp and expand our music repertoire. They help campers connect to the many opportunities for vocal and instrumental music at camp including Shabbat afternoon a cappella concerts on the Kikar and passionate, deeply spiritual singing after se'udah sh'lishit (Saturday night dinner).

20120220_135235Two weeks ago, nine of our campers and staff participated in a three day "SongLeader Boot Camp" (SLBC) convened by Rick Recht in St. Louis.  From Sunday through Tuesday our 2nd annual Ramah Wisconsin cohort spent time singing, learning songs, making new friends, and engaging in workshops about changing the culture of shirah in Ramah camps.  Joined by over a dozen other Ramahniks, the Ramah cohort represented the single largest subgroup at the conference, and our ruach (spirit) showed! 

2012-02-21 10.20.30A huge thank you to delegation leaders Josh Sacks (Rosh Shirah 2012) and Jeremy Fineberg (returning Rosh Eidah for 2012), as well as Leora Allen (returning Rosh Eidah for 2012), Aaron Freeman and Sarah Ungerman (JCs for 2012), Steven Sacks (Ramah Seminar 2012), Alana Spellman (Nivo 2012), and Ranan Vales (Bogrim 2012) for attending SLBC on behalf of Ramah Wisconsin!  (Assistant Director Jacob Cytryn joined the group for the second half of the conference.) 

We look forward to hearing new songs and benefiting from the contributions of the SLBCers as we continue bringing joyful music to camp this summer!

Check out a a couple videos from the weekend below!