Ruach Ramah is a child’s first introduction to Camp Ramah! For children entering 3rd grade, they have an opportunity to come to camp for one or two weeks where they really get to experience a varied balance of the arts, sports, and Israeli+Jewish culture in our camp community. 


“The idea of it is to make them have the best summer ever and the most fun they possibly can. What makes it different is that the kids go through a rotation so they get to experience all the activities in camp.  Every day they have a different schedule that allows each kid to experience a variety of omanut (art), rikud (dance), drama, the ropes course, a variety of sports, and Tarbut Yisrael (Israeli culture).  It’s actually a really cool opportunity for the counselors as well because they go around with the kids and do the activities with them, which allows for a deeper level of bonding. 


Only two days in, we see that the Ruach campers love the lake. They want to be there all the time.  So in the afternoon we took them to run through the sprinklers and they were having the best time. One of the campers came up to me and she said, ‘I can’t wait to tell my parents I had the best summer ever at camp!’”


-Jordan Vandersluis, Rosh Ruach 2024 (Ruach Division Head)