Northwoods ramah theatre (1) For the last two weeks, the Northwoods Ramah Theatre Company (NRTC) has been conducting its seventh annual summer residency at Ramah. The Company, composed of professional actors and a director, generally spends two weeks at camp workshopping a new Jewish-themed play to be presented to the camp community. The group holds open rehearsals so anyone can come and watch their creative process. Often teachers will bring their classes to the rehearsals at least once during the residency so most campers get to see part of the process. This year, in addition to the main play (written by Ramah alumna and well-known children's author Deanna Neil) the company also ran a playwriting clinic for campers. The campers took inspiration from Jewish texts, found objects, or even actions, and wrote and directed short plays that were presented to the camp community Friday morning.

Northwoods ramah theatre (8) The plays covered a wide range of topics. There was the simple–a boy discovering his imagination and getting excited to start writing in a journal. The complicated–three girls about to graduate middle school reflecting on the ups and downs of their friendship. The humorous–a babysitter outsmarting her three misbehaving children. The reflective–two friends in an alternate dimension dropped into a warzone on opposite sides and not allowed to help each other. All the plays were thoughtful and compelling. The clinic was a great addition to the NRTC residency!

Kol HaKavod to all the participants and the staff!  Click below to see one of the plays!

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