by Adam Schrag, Rosh Garinim  

It’s been an exciting week for Garinim 2017 (entering 5th grade)! Campers hopped off the buses one week ago with stories to tell, goals to accomplish and friends to meet. Since then, we’ve spent a lot of time building each tzrif’s (cabin) culture through daily journal making, sports games, team building activities and more. One tzrif has even begun making a documentary film on Rubik’s cubes!

Each tzrif took initiative in creating a brand new kikar dance to popular Israeli songs before performing them for the aidah (division) at one of our first evening activities.


Our first Shabbat gave everyone the chance to evaluate how their respective backgrounds and interests could be best utilized in the aidah community we’re hoping to create. Campers learned about their role as scouts in camp throughout the day, determining which elements they wish to include in their ideal community. The parallel to B’nai Israel’s 12 spies’ mission was fascinating and the campers came away with a more nuanced perspective on all that it takes to create an inclusive and loving community.

All in all, Garinim has accomplished a great deal and has much more to look forward to down the road. Between campouts, ropes course adventures, omanut (art) projects and the upcoming Zimriyah song festival, summer 2017 figures to be a thrilling and interesting experience for all of Garinim!