As you entered the Nivonim dining room this summer, you immediately felt the presence of four large winged figures hovering above you from the four corners of the large room.

These imaginary guardian angels were made by some of our Bogrim, Machon, and Nivonim campers led by Artist-in-Residence Lilach Schrag.

Contemplating the human desire to fly, the campers examined Leonardo da Vinci’s designs for flying machines as well as Marc Chagall’s fantastic floating lovers and farm animals, and noted that many superheroes and magical creatures have the ability to fly.

Using latex paint and Tyvek paper, campers painted hundreds of colorful “feathers” with comforting and empowering symbols and Hebrew words such as chaverut (friendship) sovlanut (tolerance) and hakshava (listening), to cover the real-size mannequins. During the process they started assigning a different character or a special power to each angel: a one-legged horned creature, a rainbow being, a fiery unicorn, and a being representing nature, then dressing them accordingly.

This enthusiastic exploration of good energy was spearheaded by campers Rena Kantor and Lilah Heifetz who put in extra time to help with finishing touches and installation. Everyone involved hopes our camp community will enjoy the empowering angels for many years to come.