by Adam Schrag, Rosh Kochavim 6-19 (291)Just yesterday, Kochavim embarked on a tour through outer space, making stops at several notable planets along the way. While taking in the incredible sights that each planet offered, we played games that helped reinforce our understanding of how to succeed in new environments. Despite the fact that NASA wasn’t directly involved in our activities and we never actually left the Earth’s atmosphere, we still learned a great deal about working together while enjoying the outdoors.

6-19 (290)After starting our day off with our normal schedule, we crossed Buckatabon Road and made our way to camp’s beautiful and heavily-forested camping and hiking space. Our Chinuch Bashetach (outdoor education) staff planned a fun and exciting itinerary for us that utilized our aidah’s name (Kochavim, meaning stars) in creating themes for our scenic hikes and neat activities. I especially loved watching the chanichim (campers) work through group problem-solving games together throughout the course of the hike before we all enjoyed a delicious meal that was capped off by s’mores made on the campfire.

With Kochavim Aleph’s summer just about halfway over, I can’t wait to see what special activities the chanichim will get a chance to experience and engage with over the next 6 days!

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