Three generationsof legacy society members.

I have always felt very fortunate to come from a family with such strong ties to Ramah. To quote my Bubby, my grandparents’ love affair with Camp Ramah in Wisconsin began in 1961 when my Zayde (z”l) spent his first of 18 summers as the camp doctor. My mom and all of her siblings were campers and staff members. My mom and dad met and got engaged while on staff. My siblings, cousins and I followed in our parents’ footsteps and spent many summers at Ramah as campers and on staff. And now, M’Dor L’Dor, it is the next generation’s turn.

My husband David and I now have the zechut (privilege – another one of my Bubby’s favorite sayings) of seeing our children Gali, Eytan and Rafi, fall in love with Camp Ramah. G-d willing, this summer Gali will have the opportunity to spend her first full month in Conover for her Garinim summer and Eytan will spend his first summer at Ramah Day Camp.

As three generations of Ramah Wisconsin Legacy Society members, my grandparents, Betty and Dr. Irv Rozenfeld (z”l), my parents, Debby and Charley Dobrusin, and David and I are showing our children what it means to be deeply committed to Ramah’s future.

by Nami Dobrusin Goldenberg, Nivonim 1996