Parker Rubin.

Tamar and Adam are shown with their children, Rosie and Solly.

Camp Ramah in Wisconsin is the place where we met each other and many of our closest friends. Camp is where conversations with friends, counselors, and teachers helped us to define who we were and who we wanted to be. Camp gave us a model for how to live a thoughtful, joyful Jewish life. Camp Ramah provided a space for us to grow and become who we are, while nurturing and guiding us along our journey. We are immensely grateful for the legacy Ramah has left in our lives.

Just as camp created space for us, we are now thinking about how we can continue to make a space for Ramah in our own lives. Each year, we give what we can to support a new generation of campers and staff, and when we started thinking about providing for our own family’s future, it felt natural to include Ramah in our estate plans. We joined the Legacy Society because we believe in Ramah’s role in helping shape the lives of future generations. It feels only fitting that we make a lasting commitment to a place that has played such a defining role for us and our family.