Campers in Bogrim will enter ninth grade in the fall, and with the preparation for high school comes more responsibility and more freedom at camp. Bogrimers are now part of the "older eidot," so they know the younger campers look up to them and they take that role seriously. With the responsibility comes new chances for new kinds of fun as well. Instead of the regular overnight camping trip that most of the eidot take, which takes place near camp, Bogrim goes to the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan and camps out near Lake Superior. In swimming, Bogrim campers participate in a synchronized swimming competition (watch for a post and pictures from that next week). Bogrimers also get to spend a full day out on the high and low ropes courses instead of doing the two courses on two separate days.

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David MInkus (Rosh Bogrim): I enjoy working with Bogrim because it's a transitional time for the campers in life–partly because they're about to go to high school, but also because it's a transitional time for them in camp. They get the responsibilities of being older campers, but they're still young and still have a lot of time to grow and progress. We get to be here for that growth. From day 1 to day 60, they're different people and I enjoy seeing that process and having a part in their evolution.

Mira P. (Bogrim): My favorite thing about being in Bogrim is the freedom. Our staff gives us a lot more responsibility—they do less planning for us, so that gives us more creativity in what our programs are.

Tali L. (Bogrim): My favorite part of Bogrim summer is that we get to do synchronized swimming.

Carly S. (Bogrim): I love spending time with all my friends. This year we have gotten a lot closer with the banot (girls), and we've done a lot of activities together. It's really fun.

Avi S. (Bogrim): My favorite thing about being in Bogrim is the freedom. We have more of a chance to control what we do at camp.

Avital M. (Bogrim): My favorite thing about being in Bogrim is that we have a lot more freedom. For example, on the ropes course, we get to go on the zip line. We have more responsibility and are treated more like adults, and I think it's really awesome.

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Check out the video below of the Bogrim campers rehearsing for their play, Fiddler on the Roof.