Roselind and Sheldon Rabinowitz, seated, with their children (left to right): Victor, Joy, Elyse and Julie

We were first introduced to Camp Ramah in Wisconsin when visiting two of our children on Visitors’ Day. Although we had heard much about the program, it was exciting to witness their various activities in action. Our campers were most anxious to introduce us to their new friends, counselors, and staff. Since then, some of our grandchildren have not only attended camp, but have become counselors and participated in Ramah Israel Programs.

Although our home and lives had strong Jewish ingredients —Shabbat and holiday dinners, kosher home, Hebrew school, and often attending synagogue, we feel Camp Ramah had a tremendous effect, not only in the identity of our participating children and grandchildren, but on their involvement in Jewish life. The atmosphere, education, and friends that children take away from their experience at Ramah lasts a lifetime. We feel Camp Ramah is the single most important ingredient to Jewish continuity. These are the reasons we feel it is important to support Ramah financially.