8.4.10 (113)Thursday night the whole camp came together for one of the final events of the summer–the Rikudiya. Dancers from every eidah, from the smallest Rishonim campers up to Nivonim, had the chance to perform a dance that they had been working on for the last few weeks. The staff got to showcase their dance moves as well, with special dances for the Mishlachat, the International Staff, and the Hanhala. All of the dances were spectacular. The dancers and choreographers put in so much hard work and it really paid off. Mazel Tov to the dance staff and everyone else who helped to make the Rikudiya a huge success.

After all the performances, everyone participated in "Kikar" dancing together in the Bet Am. It was quite a sight to see the whole camp together–dancing to the well-known songs, smiling and laughing as they enjoyed the time with their friends. This summer has been full of fun and exciting events, and the Rikudiya was a great way to start closing out the summer.8.4.10 (32)