Fine family.

I was not a Ramahnik at first, but with like any of Rabbi Samuel Fraint’s z”l congregants his passion for Ramah made it almost inevitable. Ramah became a central part of my Judaism. It was where a shy child grew out of his shell and most importantly it sparked my desire to pursue the rabbinate. Upon meeting my then-girlfriend, she knew that if our relationship were to grow that Ramah would be essential for my family and children. Jessica and I began going every summer to visit and explore Eagle River and beyond. Our first family camp, Jessica turned to me and said: “I am so happy here.” Now Ramah is not just my camp, it is OUR camp and our children’s camp. We are so proud to help camp as best we can and ensure its future of campers, staff, and families like ours. Finally, we would like it on record that Nivo ’98 is the greatest camp softball team ever assembled.