This past weekend a group of about 20 members of Nivonim 1997 and their spouses visited Ramah for their 13th reunion. It was a great chance for the former campers to reconnect with camp and with each other. Camp has changed in many ways since they were campers and staff members, and they got to experience some of those changes by trying out the high ropes course and eating meals in the beautiful new chadar ochel. Of course, some things haven't changed as well–camp is still the same place they fell in love with.

Three members of Nivonim 1997 never left, but had a great time at the reunion as well–Program Director Jacob Cytryn, Rosh Rishonim Audrey Kutas, and Head of Performing Arts Jonathan Ross (aka JAR).

Joel Goldsmith (Nivonim 1997): It's fantastic to be back here at Ramah for our 13th reunion. I've been back a number of times since I was a camper, but having so many other members of my eidah here has been really great.

Dana Traub (Nivonim 1997): It's as though we haven't left.

Audrey Kutas (Nivonim 1997, Rosh Rishonim): The reunion was a lot of fun. I had brought some of my photo albums and our Nivo Shiron that we had made. Together we read through all the "I remember whens" that we had written when we were in Nivo. It was cool to see all those–the ones we still remember and those we don't remember anymore. It was a lot of fun.