This weekend 13 members of Nivonim 1985 spent Shabbat at camp. Some of them had been back many times over the past 25 years, while others had not been back since the 80s. They spent Shabbat reconnecting with camp and with each other, all the while enjoying being back here in the beautiful Northwoods.

Brooke P.: I have been back to Camp Ramah several times with my family because my husband has been a camp doctor for the last six years. But, it's nice to be back for my 25th reunion and get to know everybody that I didn't know before.

Ron C.: I love being here. It's making me feel young again and it's just very exciting to be back at camp.

Jenny F.: I love being here. I was so excited to come here and so far it has fulfilled all my excitement. It's like we picked up where we left off.

Mitch G.: It's amazing being back. It's fun to see what we were like as kids–it's all the same sorts of activities, but improved. The improvements in everything around camp–the buildings, the sports fields–it's amazing. They've done a great job upkeeping the camp; it looks phenomenal. 8 (232)