Memories shared in 2007 by Marla Golden (Balaban) Wolfinger z”l

I found two pictures from the early 1950’s that brought back so many wonderful camp memories.

The first – Itzik – is from 1952.  We had a “kibbutz” in camp and a cow named Itzik.   This picture was taken on the kikar. The second taken in 1953 – Aitz Shlomo – has a longer story.   The Shlomo was Seymour (Shlomo) Fox who at the time was, I think, assistant camp director.   The sign was made by one of the boys who was a CIT. The tree was the site where Shlomo had his “conversations” with those of us who “strayed.”  Shlomo later became Camp Director for several years and went on to become an innovative, recognized leader in Jewish education in the U.S. and in Israel.