Harris and family.

Mark, Alex, Jacob, Ruth and Evelyn Harris (z”l)

The year was 1964 which now seems like a lifetime ago. My mother and father packed my trunk, said goodbye, and off I went from Indianapolis for my first summer at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin. Little did I know that this simple train ride would lead to a 13 summer journey for me as a camper, Ramah Israel Seminarist, counselor, and Waterfront Director. Not only did my parents have the good sense to send me to Ramah but also my sister, Paula, and brother, Ben. Now my wife, Ruth, and I continue the journey by sending our two boys. Both Alex and Jacob “graduated” from Ramah Day Camp and now Alex after being in Wisconsin for seven years will be going on Ramah Israel Seminar with Jacob in Bogrim. Our three-generation involvement in Judaism has been greatly influenced by our Ramah experiences and we feel a responsibility to ensure that future generations can also share in this amazing experience called “Ramah.” Therefore we are proud to be a part of the Legacy Society. We have been fortunate to receive; now it is time to give back.