Hoffenberg family.

“Are we being good ancestors?”
Jonas Salk

My husband Michael and I are blessed with three sons, three wonderful daughters-in-law and eight amazing grandchildren. In our role as the “oldest generation” of this clan, we’ve been talking about how best to share our value of tzedakah in a meaningful way. What can we do in our lifetime? What provisions can we make now that will have meaning in the future? In short, how can we be good ancestors?

A few months ago we told our grandchildren that they could each pick an organization they’d like to support, and we would make a donation in their honor in celebration of Hanukkah. We were so proud that they responded with generosity and in a thoughtful, caring way. They chose organizations doing important work in the U.S., Israel, and around the world.

One of our grandsons told us he wanted the contribution in his honor to be directed to the Ramah Scholarship Fund so “everyone can come to camp.” As a Ramah alumna and longtime member of the year-round staff, this especially touched my heart.

Michael and I find it very meaningful that we can help “everyone come to camp” for generations to come by making a provision for Camp Ramah in Wisconsin in our estate plan. We hope you will consider joining us as members of the Legacy Society. Together we’ll help provide an outstanding camp experience for future campers and forever be remembered as devoted Ramah supporters. And we’ll be good ancestors too.

Linda Hoffenberg