Shabbat is a special time at camp. Everyone takes a break from the busy schedule of the week and has a chance to reflect–there is time for praying, hanging out with friends, relaxing. Friday night is one of the few times in the week when the whole camp comes together as we join for Kabbalat Shabbat services at the lake. It's an amazing feeling, to have the whole camp together, praying in such a beautiful location. You get a real sense of what it means to be part of a Jewish community.

Brandon (Machon): My favorite thing about Shabbat is the free time you get to spend with your friends. You feel really connected with everyone. I usually play tennis and we can play for hours. It such a good bonding time.

Ben (Atzmayim): What I love about Shabbat is the sense of community in camp on Friday night when we all join together around the lake and pray.

Dana (Machon): My favorite part about Shabbat at camp is the community, especially on Friday night during services at the lake.

Sarah (Shoafim): My favorite part about Shabbat is bonding with my friends because everything is laid back and relaxed.

Gabi (Shoafim): What I like best about Shabbat is how peaceful and quiet it is and how we all become a family.

Zahava (Machon): My favorite part about Shabbat is Friday night services.

Dina (Machon): My favorite part of Shabbat is Friday night dinner.

Ranan (Shoafim): My favorite part about Shabbat is just chilling out.

Shabbat Shalom from Camp Ramah!