6.15.10 (11)
The weather might have been rainy and gloomy in Conover yesterday, but all we saw were smiles and sunshine at Camp Ramah!  The day started for the staff with some final meetings to make sure everything was ready for the campers' arrival, and then about 10 minutes into lunch we got word that the first buses were in Eagle River.  Most staff were too excited to eat and rushed through the meal to get down to the parking lot to greet the buses.  At the first glimpse of the bus headlights through the trees on Buckatabon Road, the crowd of staff began cheering.  Nothing could take away their smiles or excitement. 

As the campers exited the buses, their faces were filled with joy and wonderment.  The veteran campers scanned the crowd, excitedly searching for faces of friends and past counselors. The new campers looked around with wide eyes, taking in this unfamiliar place they would soon call home, open to new experiences and possibilities.

Everyone spent the afternoon unpacking luggage and rediscovering their summer home.  Despite the rain, the courts and kikar were soon filled with people.  Lots of hugging, lots of laughing–excitement and anticipation everywhere.  The day ended with a wonderful meal of hamburgers and hot dogs and ice breaker activities.

Today campers will check out all the activities camp has to offer, get to know their staff, and start new friendships.  The skies are grey, but everyone is too excited to notice!