rachel modlin with cake.

Rachel (Goldenberg) Modlin (Nivo 1994) turned her love of art into a thriving custom cake business!

Years at camp:
Camper – 1989-1994
Israel Seminar – 1995
Omanut staff – 1996

Favorite Camp Memories:
There are too many to name, but a weekly highlight was always Friday night Shabbat by the lake.

Favorite Camp Meal:
Rocky Mountain eggs and hot chocolate that we made on camping trips.

Favorite Spot in Camp:
The Kikar and the waterfront.

What are you doing now in your professional life?
I am the owner and founder of Modcakes Bakery where I get to combine my passion for art with my love of baking.

How did camp contribute to where you are in your life now, both personally and professionally?
Camp is the best place to try new things and activities. I was able to spend time nurturing my love of art and eventually, coming back on omanut (art) staff and working with Paul Palnik helped me make my decision to attend an art college.

If you could have one more day as a camper at camp, what would you do?
If I could have one more day at camp, I would spend the whole day on the Kikar hanging out with my friends that obviously get to spend one more day there with me. What’s camp without the friends?!

Any advice for our younger alumni who are just starting out?
Always stay in touch with your camp friends. That special bond never goes away even after you stop coming to camp.

Check out Rachel’s business Modcakes on Instagram!