This summer musician-in-residence Rabbi Josh Warshawsky inspired our camp community to bring new energy to our prayer and celebrate being together again back at our beloved Camp Ramah. On one special day, a group of 16 amazing campers representing every eidah (age group) joined Rabbi Josh for a songwriting and recording session – and this beautiful new camp song was born!

V’hinei Tov Me’od – Behold, It Is Very Good!

Higanu po b’yachad l’machaneh ramah

Community from everywhere we’re all a kehillah

Listen to the music nashir b’ahavah

Day by day we feel it come alive!

Surrounded in our summer home with all of our best friends

Po b’machaneh Ramah we hope it never ends

From the moment you walk off the bus a smile ear to ear

And it doesn’t leave your face for a whole year!