At Camp Ramah in Wisconsin, we take great pride in providing a warm and welcoming community rooted in Jewish values.  We are proud to welcome campers with unique challenges and disabilities as part of our inclusion and special needs programs including Tikvah and Atzmayim. 

These programs offer so much more than just a summer at camp!


Lifelong friendships


Year round community

Shavua Tov weekly video calls, Shabbatonim, Shabbat dinners, alumni reunions


Israel programs

Joining other Ramahniks on the inclusion tracks of Birthright, Nativ’s Yozma, and others


Work experience and independent living skills

Atzmayim vocational program


Opportunities to work on staff at camp


Employment opportunities through the Ramah job network

As a positive experience providing grounds for self-esteem – swimming all the way to the island, learning some important Hebrew words, learning to belt out Jewish songs, earning a t-shirt for cleaning his cabin which he must have worn a hundred times and showed off to two hundred people, and meeting people outside the family he can call his friends – there has been nothing like the Tikvah Program of Camp Ramah in Wisconsin.
— Parent of a Ramah camper

For more information on our Tikvah and Atzmayim programs, click here.