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View the Tikvah Program Brochure

Tikvah is a division of Camp Ramah in Wisconsin developed in 1973 to provide inclusion opportunities for children with learning, social and communication difficulties, including those who are higher functioning on the Autistic Spectrum.  Tikvah provides all the opportunities of the Ramah experience with additional staffing and support.  Through individualized programming, supported by highly-skilled staff, teens in the Tikvah program develop friendships, have fun and learn in formal and informal Jewish settings.

Tikvah offers a full 8-week session for teenage campers, a 4-week “Taste of Tikvah” option for first-time younger campers, as well as the Tikvah Vocational Program for qualified high school graduates.

Tikvah Full Season (8 weeks): June 16-August 10, 2020 – $9,500

Taste of Tikvah A (1-month session): June 16-July 13, 2020 – $5,850

Taste of Tikvah B (1-month session): July 15-August 10, 2020 – $5,850

Full Season Tikvah Vocational Program (8 weeks): June 16-August 10, 2020 – $9,650

The Ramah Camping Movement is committed to providing a Jewish camping experience for children with a wide variety of special needs, with the goal of enhancing Jewish identity and teaching Jewish values in a supportive, fun environment.

If the programs offered at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin do not meet the profile of your camper, please contact National Ramah at (212) 678-8881 or at Each of the Ramah special needs programs serves a slightly different population of children with special needs, with some overlap; programs serve varied age groups and are of varying lengths. Regardless of their geographical location, families are directed to the regional Ramah camp with the program that best suits their children’s needs. For more information see the brochure and visit the web page describing all Ramah special needs programs.

Click here to learn more about our Atzmayim program, a vocational program for high school graduates.

Click here to read the powerful words of Atzmayim participant Ari S. His speech received a standing ovation from our entire camp community!

For more information on the Tikvah Program, contact or call 312.606.9316 ext. 221.