IMG_2468This summer Nivonim has been thinking about the idea of “counterculture.” What does it mean to be a non-conformist? What does it mean to follow the mainstream? What does it mean to challenge others because of your own beliefs? These questions connect to this summer’s Nivo play, Hair. Counterculture came alive from the very first moments of the play, when Nivonim sat in the audience before the first song, “Aquarius.” Early in the summer, Nivonim learned about the Vietnam war and the history surrounding their play. They received draft cards and went through basic training in order to experience the life of a young American in the 1960’s. They learned about counter-cultural movements and even made their own hippie-inspired tie-dyed t-shirts.

IMG_2362Last night, as Nivonim stood together singing “Let the Sun Shine In” for the closing number of their play, it was clear that their learning and experiences this summer have impacted them.  As they sang the first half of the song with somber voices and serious faces, the audience sat solemnly with them. When they re-entered, singing with the entire room, smiles erupted, joy was felt, and it was clear how proud Nivonim was of this final musical. The whole room jumped up and erupted in song, filling the room with “t’nu lashemesh yad.” 

Below are some of the songs from the show!