IMG_2936When the stage lights went on last night, Machon and Tikvah were ready to show camp the play they’ve been rehearsing and perfecting all summer long. With a show-stopping opening number of “Chanutiyah Shel Pachad,” “Little Shop of Horrors,” all of Machon and Tikvah sang loudly, danced energetically, and smiled widely. Watching Audrey 2 grow over the course of the play from sock puppet, to paper puppet, to Machon actress, was truly amazing. Machon and Tikvah proved how well they could act and sing. They enjoyed the play together, justifiably proud of the outcome.The room erupted in a resounding applause when Machon and Tikvah came out for their curtain-call and reprise of “Pitom Zeh Seymour,” “Suddenly Seymour.”

Here are some of the highlights from the play!