Atzmayim Vocational Program

Atzmayim, the Hebrew word for “independent,” is designed to strengthen social and vocational skills in participants with challenges and disabilities who are high school graduates, in their late teens and early twenties.

Atzmayim is intended to assist in transitioning to an independent living environment such as a college campus and developing the skills to select and engage in leisure activities at home.

The goals and objectives of the Atzmayim program focus on areas of personal development such as self-image, vocational skills, independent social functioning and active involvement in the Jewish community. The Atzmayim program provides a supportive framework for participants to interact with the general staff population, who serve as their role models.

Vocational Experience

Participants work five mornings a week at various job sites, either in camp or in the local Eagle River community. Job assignments range from working in the camp carpentry shop or business office to a grocery store or library in town. Participants learn the skills necessary to perform a job function, retain a work position, make appropriate decisions, and learn to effectively manage time. Job coaches guide the participants at their work sites.

Living Accommodations

Participants live in staff housing and have their own lounge with a kitchen and laundry facilities. They cook some of their meals and share them with other members of the camp community. Atzmayim enjoy inviting guests to join them at Shabbat Kiddush and evening activities.

Jewish Experience

Ramah is known for its immersive Jewish environment and having the best-trained staff for nurturing and celebrating Jewish identity. Our talented staff use music, yoga, drama, art, and games to creatively engage participants in meaningful prayer and Jewish learning. Atzmayim use a specially developed prayer book complete with translation and transliteration.

2024 Dates & Rate

Dates: June 17 – August 8

Rate: $11,500


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