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Join the Legacy Society | Create a Named Endowment Fund

What Will Your Legacy Be?

By becoming a member of the Camp Ramah in Wisconsin Legacy Society and/or creating a Named Endowment Fund, you will forever be remembered as a devoted supporter of Ramah! 

Ramah Wisconsin Legacy Society


The Ramah Wisconsin Legacy Society honors those individuals who have created a lasting legacy by completing a Declaration of Intent (online form | downloadable PDF) to make a provision for Camp Ramah in Wisconsin in their estate plan.  Legacy Society members are invited to share their Ramah story by adding an entry into the Ramah Wisconsin Legacy Book. As you read the inspiring stories one theme emerges – the promise of one generation to the next ensuring the vibrancy of Camp Ramah in Wisconsin.

Make the Gift of a Lifetime

A legacy gift can help you strengthen the Ramah experience for generations to come and may help you make a larger gift than you thought possible. Legacy Gifts can be as simple as a designation in your will or trust, or may be made through retirement plan assets, life insurance, a charitable gift annuity or donor-advised fund. Please consult your attorney or tax advisor for professional guidance in this area.

If you have already provided for Camp Ramah in Wisconsin in your estate plan, please let us know. We are happy to treat your gift as anonymous if that is your preference, but please allow us to thank you now!

Join these Legacy Society Members and Add Your name to the Legacy Wall at Camp!

Legacy Society Members

Anonymous (7)
Sally and Michael Abrams
William Agress
Allen* and Janet Agron
Dr. Phyllis Gorin and Rabbi Morris Allen
Miranda and Steven Altschul
Wendy and Howard Bach
Abby and Sheldon Badzin
Faye and Benji Bearman
Shoshana Ben Dor
Betty Benson*
Harold P. Benson
Miriam and Dan Berger
Robert M. Berger
Jean Best*
Marilyn Blonsky
Cookie Feldman Bloom
Karen and Marshall Brill
Julie Strauss and Joel Brown
Ilisa and Michael Brown
Elizabeth Holtzman and David Bubis
Sarah and Samuel Caplan
F. Bruce Cohen
Roberta* and Rabbi Burton Cohen
Sarah Bierman and Rabbi Joshua Cohen
Ellen and Yehuda Cohen
Margaret and Lee Cohn
Debbie* and Gary Cortes
Rita M. Cortes
Deborah Shalowitz Cowans and Bruce Cowans
Phyllis and Rabbi Barry Cytron
Amy and Rabbi Eric Cytryn
Tamar and Jacob Cytryn
Efrat Dallal
Talia and Ari Derman
Rabbi Charles and Dr. Deborah Dobrusin
Susie and Rabbi Paul* Drazen
Evan Dreifuss
Sara and Dr. Mark Drexler
Karen and David Ebroon
Arthur Elstein
Manuel Feldman*
Jessica and Rabbi Jeremy Fine
Lisa and Todd Fishbein
Julian Fisher and Naomi Zuk-Fisher
Andy and Barb Fishman
Jennifer and Stewart Flink
Kim and Alan Frankel
Kim and Stuart Frankenthal
Charlotte Singer Gelfand
Karen Herstig Gerson and Jeffry Gerson
Marvell Ginsburg*
Leslie and Bernie Goldblatt
Nami and David Goldenberg
Laurie and Joel Goldsmith
Marlene and Sam Gordon
Mindy and Jeffrey Gordon
Rabbi Yosi Gordon
Harold Grinspoon
Miriam* and Ron* Grossman
Michal* and Uzi* Halevy
Diane Kushnir Halivni
Evelyn Harris*
Nina and Arnie Harris
Ruth* and Mark Harris
Sean and Olivia Herstein
Linda and Michael Hoffenberg
Sara and Jon Hoffenberg
Benjamin Hofkin
Mike Isco
Vivian and Ralph* Jacobson
Shanna Baumgarten Jadwin
Micah and Lizzie Kafitz
Charles Kahalnik
Camille and Rabbi Rob Kahn
Orlee and Jeffrey Kahn
Lynnsie Balk Kantor
Neera and Michael Kaufman
Stephanie and Dr. Kurt Kavanaugh
Beth and Dr. Jeff Kopin
Gabriel Kopin
Shosh Korrub
Rabbi Myer Kripke*
Dr. Lena and David Kushnir
Stefanie and Joshua Lawrence
Elyse and Dr. Ron Less
Madalyn* and Robert* Less
Renee and George* Levine
Shary and Marc Levitt
Leslie and Michael Litwack
Abby and Jonathan Maeir
Adam Margolis
Edward* and Roslyn* Marks
Julie Rabinowitz and Gary Marx
Judy and Harvey Medress
Judy Teibloom Mishkin and Larry Mishkin
Dr. Scott Moses
Barbara and Donald Newman
Barrie and Steve Orloff
Sandy Starkman and Larry Pachter
Tamar Rubin and Adam Parker
Robin and Jon Parritz
Andrew Pass
Gary Pazdernik
Ken C. Pazdernik
Dana Yugend-Pepper and Larry Pepper
Benjamin Philipson
Roselind* and Sheldon* Rabinowitz
Lisa and Mark Ratner
Harriet and Joseph Resnick
Mindy and Dan Ribnick
Mary and Joel Rich
Jaynie Schultz and Ron Romaner
Ann Lesley and Scott Rosen
Shari* and Dr. Herbert Rosen
Jonathan Adam Ross
Betty* and Dr. Irving* Rozenfeld
Robin and Rabbi Steven Rubenstein
Michael Sackett
Susan and Marc Sacks
Martha and Arthur* Salkin
Arona and George Sarfatty
Louise and Steven Schoenberger
Dr. Rebecca Schorsch
Carol Ann and Michael Schwartz
Leslie Schwartzman*
Phyllis and Sidney* Shalowitz
Lori Stark and Dr. David Shapiro
Fran and Jonathan Sherman
Karen and Hal Sider
Jodie and Mark J. Silberman
Dr. Margaret and Alan Silberman
Sarah Small*
Sheila and Michael Small
Emily and Rabbi David Soloff
Melissa and Marc Spellman
Adam Steinberg
Miriam and Morton Steinberg
Shira Steinberg
Alice and Richard Stiebel
Mayer Stiebel
Rebecca and Rabbi Loren Sykes
Anna Tarkoff
Lisa and Steven Tenzer
Scott Topal
Phyllis Hofman Waldmann
Adina Allen and Rabbi Josh Warshawsky
Tami and Reuben Warshawsky
Richard D. Weiner
Karen B. Weiss
Deborah and Adam Winick

* of blessed memory

Establish a Named Endowment Fund

The establishment of a named endowment fund carries on your family name or remembers a loved one in a way that will strengthen the Ramah experience now and in the future.

Your named endowment will become one of over 60 named funds that make up the Camp Ramah in Wisconsin Endowment Corporation.  These funds are permanently invested to provide income for continued support of the camp. Each year an allocation is made from the Endowment Corporation to provide scholarships and support the innovative Ramah experience.

Named Endowment Funds

Marty Abramson and Howie Stillman Coach-in-Residence Endowment
Marlene Ansel Memorial Tefilah Resource Endowment
Bach Family Counselor Endowment
Rebecca Benson Cultural Arts Endowment
David B. & Sophia B. Berger Israel Scholar-in-Residence Endowment
Ted and Sonia Bloch Scholarship Endowment
Rabbi David and Ruth Bonder Ohel Yitzhak Publications Endowment
Belle R. and Joseph H. Braun Endowment
Chaim Foundation Scholarship Endowment
Frank and Ann Cohen Endowment for the Arts
Rabbi Dr. Burton I. Cohen Scholarship Endowment
David Crook Scholarship Endowment
Nathan Cummings Foundation Endowment for the Arts
Phyllis and Rabbi Barry Cytron Endowment
Drazen Family Scholarship Endowment
Eiger/Stecher Family Endowment
Arthur S. and Rochelle S. Elstein Educational Endowment
Ernsteen Family Scholarship Endowment
Shel Feldman Memorial Endowment for Camper Education in Environmental Studies
Richard and Beverly Fink Scholarship Endowment
S.W. Frankenthal Educational Chair
Scott M. Gilman Counselor Endowment Fund
Bess & Albert Gold Staff Programming Endowment
Judy Goldberg Memorial Ramah Israel Seminar Scholarship Endowment
Flo Harris Foundation Mishlachat Program Endowment
Morry & Florence Hirshman and Jay Hirshman Professor-in-Residence Endowment
Saul and Esther Kleiman Scholarship Endowment Fund
Mercaz Kopin Maintenance Endowment
Diana Lederman Memorial Endowment for Jewish Education
Asaf Leibovich Memorial Leadership Program Endowment
Joseph M. Levine Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Renee K. and George M. Levine Scholarship Endowment
Lieberman Family Tikvah Counselor Endowment
Rabbi Joseph Sander Lukinsky Memorial Staff Education Endowment
Anne L. Morrison Memorial Endowment for Israeli Studies
William R. Nelson Memorial Athletic Fund
Michael and Charlotte Newberger Endowment for the Arts
Nivonim 1979 Reunion Scholarship Fund
Nivonim 1993 Reunion Scholarship Fund
Nivonim 1996 Reunion Scholarship Fund
Ohel Yitzhak Synagogue Sustaining Fund
Jane & Nathan Pickus Scholar-in-Residence Endowment
Debby Porten Memorial Staff Training Endowment
Roselind and Sheldon Rabinowitz Family Fund
Vivian E. and Robert W. Rice Hebrew Language Program Endowment
Seth Conrad Rich Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Irving and Janet Robbin Curriculum Development Endowment
Irving Robbin Memorial Study Fellowship Endowment
Ephraim Roseman Foundation Tikvah Staff Endowment
Naomi and Max Rotenberg Jewish Music Programming Endowment
Dr. Irving H. and Betty F. Rozenfeld and Family Israel Seminar Scholarship Fund
Aviva and David Rubin and Family Staff Endowment
Michael Salkin Memorial Waterfront Endowment
Sherman Family Music Festival Endowment
Margaret and Alan Silberman Endowment for Project Development
Harry and Constance Silverstein Memorial Endowment
Rabbi David and Emily Soloff Educational Endowment
Rabbi Efry Spectre Memorial Fund for Performing Arts
Sylvia Steinberg Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Sara Stern Scholarship Endowment
Tikvah Program Endowment Fund
Otto and Phyllis Hofman Waldmann Mishlachat Program Endowment
Sandra and Leon Weiner Jewish Leadership Endowment
Pauline and Bert Weinstein Arts and Crafts Center Endowment
Jay and Idyth Zimbler and Family Scholarship Endowment

Camp Ramah in Wisconsin is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your gift is tax deductible to the full extent provided by law. 

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