6.28 (377) 
Sunday night the Bet Am was filled with ruach as the whole camp participated in the Zimriya–camp's singing festival. From the first day of camp, each eidah has been working hard to prepare their songs. This year's theme was the siddur, with each eidah singing a modernized version of a well-known prayer. The Zimriya is about more than just singing, though–it's the first campwide event of the summer (aside from Kabbalat Shabbat services) and a chance for everyone to show eidah pride and ruach.

Every year the eidot are divided by color, and this year was no exception, but this year was special. This year, all the campers got special Zimriya t-shirts in their eidah colors that said in Hebrew "Ani (heart) Ramah." ("I (heart) Ramah") Garinim wore yellow, Solelim wore green, Shoafim wore red, Bogrim wore light blue, Machon and Tikvah wore white, and Nivonim wore black. The staff and Atzmayim all wore their blue staff t-shirts that had the same phrase on them. It was a fun night, with everyone singing and cheering, smiling and dancing. Thank you to the music and performing arts staff for organizing a great event!

6.28.10 (21)
Aviva (Solelim):
The Zimriya was really fun because we were all crazy and were all singing songs and it was so much fun.

Sarah (Solelim): The Zimriya was the best peulat erev (evening activity) that we've had at camp so far because it was really fun and we all got to show our eidah spirit.

Rena (Solelim): The Zimriya was awesome. I had a blast.

Raquel (Solelim): The Zimriya was so fun. We were all really loud.

Zoe (Garinim): The Zimriya was so fun and loud. I liked singing my song and cheering with other people. It was really fun.

Rena (Garinim): The Zimriya was really fun because at the end everyone was singing and dancing and it was really fun.

Davida (Garinim): The Zimriya was so fun. I loved hearing everyone singing with all their heart. I also loved how at the end everybody was dancing and singing and just having fun.

Molly (Garinim): The Zimriya was so fun because the whole camp came together for one event. It was all really happy and loud and at the end everyone was dancing. It was so fun.

Nathan (Nivonim): The Zimriya was really energetic and it really showed our true spirit and how we care for all the eidot…including Nivo.

Check back tomorrow for video clips of the Zimriya!