6.28 (7) Aside from Shabbat, the Zimriyah is the first big event where the whole camp comes together. The aidot spend the first two weeks of camp learning their Zimriyah song and then show off their aidah spirit by singing as loud as possible in front of the whole camp. The songs are usually based on a theme–this year's theme was American Jewish songwriters, in memory of the influential American Jewish singer/songwriter Debbie Friedman (z"l) who passed away earlier this year.

6.28 (69) It sure was a terrific night! The Bet Am looked like a rainbow as the campers entered in their aidah t-shirts, and the room could barely contain everyone's energy and excitement. After every aidah sang their song, the evening ended with an energetic dance party. Be sure to check out the photos today to see photos from the event. We'll post videos later in the day as well. Kol HaKavod to the Ramah Music Staff and to everyone who helped put on a wonderful event!

Abby (Solelim): I thought the Zimriyah was awesome. We all had a really good time and sang our songs well. It was really fun.

6.28 (96) Leah (Solelim): What I liked about the Zimriyah is that the whole camp got together and sang and we all supported each other in our songs.

Daniel (Solelim): I liked the Zimriyah. I liked the singing.

Benji (Shoafim): I liked all the songs and the moves and everything in the Zimriyah.

Amir (Garinim): I liked the ZImriyah because I like being loud and we got to be really loud! Also, the whole camp gets to be together and that's a lot of fun.

6.28 (108) Rachel (Tikvah): The Zimriyah was a lot of fun. There was a lot of cool dancing. I loved dancing with my friends.

Rebecca (Solelim): I thought the Zimriyah was really fun.

Zoe (Solelim): I thought it was really fun because it brought us all together. It was really fun with all the singing and the dancing and everyone was really happy.

 Max (Bogrim): I thought the Zimriyah was a great expereince. Everyone sang the songs beautifully and everyone had a ton of fun.

Ethan (Bogrim): The Zimriyah was just amazing.

6.28 (126)Isaac (Bogrim): The Zimriyah was really fun. Everyone got really into it and we all wore our awesome shirts and colors.