The campers from Kochavim B have barely been here for 24 hours, but they are already true Ramahniks! They spent the day exploring camp and trying out new activities, and even had a chance this afternoon to make challah for tomorrow night!

Aviva (Kochavim):
What I really like about camp is getting to know new people and playing games and having fun with new people.

Amalya (Kochavim): My favorite thing at camp is going swimming.

Adam (JC, Kochavim): My favorite thing about working with Kochavim is that I get to help them start their Ramah experience and watch them fall in love with camp.

Aaron (JC, Kochavim): I love being a Kochavim counselor because they have so much energy and it's so much fun to work with people who have so much energy.

DSC_5460 Abby (Kochavim): What I like about camp is pretty much everything because it's just awesome.

Lena (Kochavim): I like to go on the Blob (a large floating trampoline in the lake) because I go really high and it's fun.

Betsy (Kochavim): What I like about camp is that they keep you busy all day and you never get bored.

Vered (Kochavim): What I like about camp is omanut (art) and going swimming. And I like my friends and hanging out in the cabin.

Jordan (Kochavim): What I like about camp is that I have all my friends here that I just met on the bus. We have so much fun and we have so many activities. It's just so much fun.

DSC_5469 Maya (Kochavim): What I like about camp is my friends and basically everything because I can't choose what I like the best.

Dina (Kochavim): My favorite things at camp are art and swimming, but I love everything else.