DSC_3342 Each year, campers in Tikvah and Machon work together to create "Tikvah Lunch Theatre," a series of short plays based on a theme from the Bible. This year's theme was "Animals in the Bible," and the campers have spent the last two weeks reading, analyzing and reinterpreting the stories in order to create their own versions of them. Today they performed their show for campers in Bogrim, Machon, Nivonim and staff. They performed outside on the porch of the arts complex and couldn't have asked for better weather. The audience enjoyed a sack lunch out in the sun while watching the show, including the stories of "Jonah and the Whale," "Eve and the Serpent," "Bilaam and the Donkey," "Noah's Ark" and "Daniel in the Lion's Den."

DSC_3350 Kayla (Drama Staff, Co-Director): We just finished and I think the show was amazing.  Everyone got up there and had fun. They all worked so hard on it and it definitely showed. The audience enjoyed it and they all enjoyed it too. It was a great experience.

DSC_3380 Sophie (Tikvah): We do these shows every year and we're basically modernizing the stories of the Torah. This year we did "Animals" and my group did "Adam and Eve" and I played Eve. We take the stories and rewrite them to meet our needs and personalities. I think we did a great job today. Everybody had a perfect character to fit them. The story of "Jonah and the Whale" was really cute–that one was my favorite.

DSC_3402 Kashmir (Rosh Tikvah): I'm so proud of the Machon and Tikvah collaboration. It was wonderful. Everyone worked together and it was an incredible performance.