This summer at camp we are creating a Sipuriya, a collection of stories about Ramah. The stories will range from things that happened last week to things that happened years ago, from campers who are spending their first summer here to staff members who have been here for many summers. Those of us who are here know how special Ramah is, how much it means to us–this is a chance for us to tell our stories and let everyone else know what an amazing place camp is. Here are a couple of the stories.

Sadie: One of my most memorable Shabbat moments is when I was in Halutzim, me and one of my friends were just sitting out by the lake and the sunset was just amazing. The sky was purple, red, and orange—it was just amazing.  I felt like, “Wow.”  And it was the last Shabbat of camp, so it felt really special.

Ben: It was Yom Sport and it was during the Apache. My team was about to win the Apache, but then we heard that the other team had their fire going really high. Then I heard that the blue team’s fire was really high and the other team was about to win the Apache. Then we won the Apache and we were really happy.

Stephanie M.: One Wednesday, on Yom Myuchad, we were praying by the cabin in the morning. We were all on the beach and without even thinking about it, we all lined up in the water next to each other. Nobody said anything, we all just lined up next to each other. It felt really cool because we just communicated without talking at all.