6.24 (213)
Today is one of those days when we're not quite sure what the weather is going to do–periods of beautiful sunshine, periods of cloudiness and drizzle. But the temperature is pleasant, we're looking forward to tonight's Kabbalat Shabbat and our day of rest tomorrow, and it's simply another wonderful day at camp.

We asked campers, "If you were going to update your Facebook status right now, what would it be?" Here are a few responses.

Phoebe (Atzmayim): Camp is awesome! Shabbat is coming and I'm really, really excited for that!

Angela (Nivonim): Having the best summer of my life!

Sara (Nivonim): Looking forward to having a peaceful Shabbat.

Abby (Machon): I really hope that our play is successful.

Julie (Shoafim): Today I'm selling Shabbat-o-grams for charity.

Tess (Shoafim): I'm having fun selling Shabbat-o-grams.

Hannah (Garinim): I had fun watching Rick Recht perform at camp.