7.26 (420) Tikvah and Atzmayim are the two eidot for campers with special needs. Tikvah serves campers who are still in junior high and high school, while Atzmayim is the vocational program for campers who are out of high school. Tikvah is very much like any other eidah—the campers live in cabins with counselors, have activities like swimming, art, and drama, go to Hebrew and text classes, and participate in tefillot, among other things. Tikvah is partnered with Machon, the eidah for campers entering 10th grade, and they do many of their activities with Machon. Within Tikvah, there is a pre-vocational program for the oldest campers. In this program, the campers spend two activity periods a day working in an area in camp, such as the kitchen, the office, or the laundry room.

7.1.10 (39)Kashmir (Rosh Tikvah): I love working with Tikvah. Many people perceive Tikvah as being an eidah in camp that is different from all the other eidot, but we still develop the same sense of family and the same individual relationships with our campers that any other eidah in camp does. We see the same growth from the beginning to the end of the summer and develop real connections, real relationships. We have a great time together. It's a lot of fun.

Erin (Tikvah): I like being in Tikvah. This year I’m in the pre-vocational program and I work in the laundry room.  I fold clothes and have learned how to work the machines and it’s a lot of fun and every day I look forward to it.

Atzmayim is a newer program, started in 2004, geared toward helping former Tikvah campers learn independent living and job skills. Participants in Atzmayim have jobs at various businesses in Eagle River, where they work five mornings a week. In the afternoons, they have classes and activities at camp that are designed to help them succeed in whatever path they are taking post-high school, whether it be college or going straight to a job.

7.1.10 (74) Syd (Rosh Atzmayim): I really enjoy working with Atzmayim because it really gives me a chance to work with a group that I can consider my peers but still work in a mentor relationship with them. I really gain friendships while having a sense of fulfillment and working with a wonderful group of people who really have a lot of potential.

Gily S. (Atzmayim): This is my third time in Atzmayim. I'm enjoying it. My favorite part is my day off on Wednesdays. We go to Walmart sometimes and to the park. It's really relaxing.

7.1.10 (81) Phoebe B. (Atzmayim): This is my second summer in Atzmayim. My favorite part would have to be work. It's one of the best things to do in Atzmayim because you get to go work in town. It's a lot of fun. I work at the children's museum and my favorite part of working there is making Squirt-a-Shirts–they're really fun.