Solelim is the third youngest eidah in camp, with campers who are entering seventh grade. The Solelim summer is the first full eight-week summer, so it presents campers with many opportunities that they did not have in Garinim or Halutzim. Campers get to have more of a choice in what activities they do, plus they get to try other activities not offered to Garinim and Halutzim. One of the things that many campers look forward to in Solelim is their first opportuinity to perform a full Hebrew musical. It’s a chance for them to show the whole camp what they can do.


7.8 (314)

Shayna Flink (Rosh Solelim): Solelim is such a wonderful age because they have so much energy and excitement for every activity we do. This group in particular is already such a caring, welcoming and unique eidah that I feel honored to be working with this summer.

Judah (Solelim): One of my favorite things about being in Solelim is the fun activities. One night for peulat erev (evening activity) we made our own music videos. It was really funny.

Jordan (Solelim): My favorite thing about being in Solelim is sports.

Noah (Solelim): My favorite thing about being in Solelim is the people. The people in Solelim are awesome.

Abby (Solelim): My favorite thing about being in Solelim is that being in Garinim and Halutzim is just about trying out camp—but when you’re in Solelim it’s the real deal. It’s so much fun because we’re here for eight weeks and we have more privileges. Plus, we do a lot of fun activities, like our peulot erev and Yom M’yuchad (special days).  It’s really cool to be in Solelim.

6.22.10 (249)