6.20 A (109) Solelim (entering 7th grade) is our youngest full-season division. During the course of the summer they have so many great opportunities to learn about living in a Jewish community. They also get to try out some new activities, like the every-popular nagarut (woodworking). A highlight of the Solelim summer is the aidah musical (this year, The Wizard of Oz, which will be presented on July 14). 6.24 (189)Every camper participates in the production of the musical, from acting and singing to painting sets and playing in the orchestra. It's a wonderful opportunity to share their great energy and show what they can do when they work together as an aidah.

Rebecca G. (Solelim): What I like best about being in Solelim is that I get to be at camp for eight weeks. It's nice to be here for the full summer and be able to see everything that happens at camp. 6.27 (104)We're some of the older campers now so we get more opportunities to do things. We get to do nagarut (woodworking) this year, and that's fun. I also really like omanut (art), shira (singing) and rikud (dance).

Sam (Solelim): My favorite part of Solelim is hanging out with my friends on the Kikar.

7.1 (183)Josh (Solelim): My favorite part of being in Solelim is seeing my friends from all around the country.

Rebecca S. (Solelim): I like being in Solelim because it's really fun and all the people are nice. I like that we get to do so many activities during the day like omanut and nagarut. I'm also on the basketball team, which is fun. And I love going on the Blob (floating trampoline in the lake).