6.17  120 (94) The Shoafim (entering 8th grade) aidah is often referred to as the oldest of the youngest at camp. These campers have been at camp for up to four summers and they have a good sense of what camp is all about. They are starting to become leaders in the camp community. One of the highlights of the Shoafim summer is the Shoafim Tzedakah Project. Throughout the summer, the campers and staff within the aidah plan fun programs to raise money for tzedakah, and then choose to which organizations to donate the money. Some of this years projects have included a raffle to win front row seats and snacks at the musicals, selling sno cones at sports games, and selling handmade roses. They also sell Shabbat-o-grams each Friday so people can send each other special greetings on Friday nights. The campers get really into the project and are so enthusiastic about raising money for charity.

6.24 (193) Leora Allen (Rosh Shoafim): My favorite thing about working with Shoafim is that you see that they have a greater appreciation of everything that camp has to offer. They start to take on more responsibility–they are now the leaders of their schools at home, so they also start taking on leadership roles at camp.

Sophie C. (Shoafim): My favorite thing about Shoafim is the Shoafim Tzedakah Project because it helps people in need and you really feel accomplished when you raise so much money.

7.6 (164) Elissa H. (Shoafim): My favorite thing about Shoafim is making friends from different states because camp is one of the very few places where you can make friends from different places and it's really nice.