Campers in Shoafim will be entering 8th grade in the fall. They are the "oldest of the youngest" eidot, and with that informal title comes a new sense of responsibility. One of the main projects of the Shoafim summer is the tzedakah project, in which they spend the summer collecting money to give to various charities. The main part of their tzedakah project is Shabbat-o-grams, short notes that people can write to each other to be delivered at Friday night dinner, which they sell every Friday afternoon. They also do other things throughout the summer, such as selling raffle tickets to win front row seats at the plays. This summer, Shoafim wrote a song about their work and made a video to go with it.

Sam Kopin (Rosh Shoafim): My favorite thing about working with Shoafim is that Shoafim is really the time when the eidah starts coming together as one. They're not the youngest anymore–they're kind of at the midpoint, starting to become leaders in camp. There's so much creative energy and excitement about becoming an older eidah, especially with the tzedakah project. It gives us an opportunity to step out and show what we can do together as an eidah, which is really an exciting opportunity for us.

Shira F. (Shoafim): My favorite thing about being in Shoafim is how we’re the oldest of the youngest group of kids. We’re the oldest in our chadar (dining hall) and it’s a lot of fun. We just think we’re cool.

Robin D. (Shoafim): I like being in Shoafim because we get more free time. Our counselors give us more responsibility.

Joe C. (Shoafim): My favorite thing about my Shoafim summer is spending time with my friends and getting eight weeks with everybody.

Ethan S. (Shoafim): My favorite part about Shoafim is the sports, especially tennis.

Cooper W. (Shoafim): My favorite thing about Shoafim is that you get to hang out with your friends longer than you did in Garinim and Halutzim.

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