6.27 (210) After dinner every night, each aidah has its own peulat erev (evening activity). Sometimes they are campwide activities, like the Zimriyah or a musical, but most nights the counselors plan the activities. The activities are limited only by the counselors' imagination and include old favorites like Make Your Counselor Laugh, Capture the Flag, and Radio Trivia, and new favorites like Iron Chef and making music videos.

Aviva H. (Shoafim): My favorite peulat erev was a couple nights ago. It was Capture the Flag. We all got different colors and went around and tried to get the other team's flags. We used teamwork to come up with different plans to get the flags. It was a lot of fun.

6.21 (15)Aviva L. (Shoafim): I also thought our Capture the Flag game was really fun. We had a lot of fun together in our teams and got to become good friends with people we hadn't played with before.

Skylar Y. (Shoafim): My favorite peulat erev was Capture the Flag as well. We played throughout the whole camp and it was so much fun to be able to run around the whole camp.

David K. (Solelim): My favorite peulat erev this summer was a game called "Got to Get Them." It was a campwide game where we all dressed up in black and we had to rescue our teammates who were captured by the other team. It was a lot of fun and a great way to burn energy. We had a really great time playing.

6.27 (266)Ruth F. and Brenna W. (Nivonim):Our favorite peulat erev was a game we made up called Battle Ball, which is a combination of Dodgeball and Battleship. On Yom Meyuchad (Wednesday/Special Day), we all worked together to create our own games and then voted on which one we wanted to play. The idea behind the game was to get tennis balls into the recycling containers (aka, battleships) that were on the other team's side without being hit by the dodgeballs. It was a lot of fun.

 Daniel (Garinim): My favorite peulat erev was four-way Capture the Flag that we played on the soccer field. It was really fun because it ended up being a tie, so we all won!