Nivonim is the oldest eidah in camp, with campers entering 11th grade in the fall. Being the oldest eidah in camp gives the campers a special sense of responsibility because all the younger campers look up to them. This responsibility is reflected in their programming–they spend the summer doing internships and service projects around camp and in the community, and they have a lot of free time to get involved in what interests them.

7.21 (7)
Ben Hofkin (Rosh Nivonim): I love working with the Nivonim staff because they're of such a high caliber. I love how much time I get to spend with the kids. As a Nivonim counselor or rosh you get to spend an enormous amount of time with the campers. I especially love how many opportunities the campers have to be in front of camp and to lead camp. I feel like whenever you put that kind of responsibility on campers' shoulders, they always rise to the occasion.

Tali Z. (Nivonim): The best part of Nivonim is after the Apache on Yom Sport when we light the fire and then rush into the lake with the eidah.

Eliana H. (Nivonim): The best thing about Nivo is all the special things Nivo gets to do–living on the givah, storming the lake, being captains on Yom Sport, emceeing the talent show, everything. All the privileges we get in Nivonim make it an incredible summer.

6.18 (12) Benji F. (Nivonim): Nivonim summer is great. We have certain privileges that separate us from the other eidot–such as certain peulot (activities) and our schedule in general. There are a lot of bonding opportunities–we've become one unit as an eidah and it's an unbelievable feeling. It's an amazing social experience and it's fun. The activities are fun–I couldn't ask for a better summer.

Angela R. (Nivonim): The best part about being in Nivo is that we're looked up to and we're role models for the other eidot in camp. We set the tone for the summer. Entering the Zimriyah really put it all out there and made us who we are today.

6.21 (460) Tamar K. (Nivonim): Nivonim is great because it's amazing being with my friends.